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Transformed by the Renewing of Your Mind.

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About Us

KHWCT is a state-of-the-art facility located off Parker Rd in Plano Texas. Our staff of board certified anesthesiologists have years of experience and training in managing patients airway, hemodynamic stability, and untoward effects from the potential side effects of IV sedative hypnotic medications like ketamine and many other intravenous pharmaceutical agents.

Your care and comfort is important to us. Your ketamine infusion is tailored to your individual need and your vital signs are monitored continuously as they would be in the perioperative setting. Your medical information is kept private and confidential. We use secured email for our correspondence to patients and health care professionals.


Meet Our Physicians

Medical Director
Jerron C. Hill, M.D.


B.S. Biology, Wayne State University

Wayne State University School of Medicine logo 2012

Medical School:
M.D., Wayne State University School of Medicine


Umass Medical Center

Dr. Hill is a board certified anesthesiologist and has practiced anesthesia for 25 years. While working at Harrington Memorial Hospital in Southbridge Massachusetts he opened and managed a chronic pain clinic. He is a member of the American Society of Anesthesiologists, the Texas Society of Anesthesiologists, the American Medical Association, and the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. He and his wife have 3 daughters. Dr. Hill enjoys spending time with his family, exercising, traveling, going to the movies and mentoring.


The American Society of Anesthesiologists, Inc.


Texas Society of Anesthesiologists


American Medical Association

Anxiety and Depression Association of America

Anxiety and Depression Association of America

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* Ketamine not kept on site


"I have nothing but positive things to say about Dr. Hill, his staff, and his clinic. A thorough professional, during the Ketamine infusions my vital signs were constantly monitored. Once my blood pressure rose a little too much and he immediately, and effectively, managed it. Almost like an ICU setting. The side effects are tolerable and subside very quickly once the infusion is completed. For me the results have been amazing. I feel more upbeat, positive, and at peace with myself. I've gone through nearly every type of antidepressant and none of them have offered the relief given me by these infusions. Dr. Hill is obviously very skilled but he also had a relaxing manner that greatly reduced my initial apprehension. For those with depression that had not responded to the typical medicines, Ketamine can make a real difference in your life and the way you live it. For the first time in years I'm finding enjoyment in my life." - D.S.

"Dr. Hill and his staff are the most professional and caring individuals we have ever worked with in the medical field. The ketamine treatments our son received there were very effective in helping with his Treatment Resistant Depression. His last treatment fell on his birthday, and they surprised him with a cake and gift card. It was so genuinely kind. Since his treatment ended, the clinic has followed up on our son's care through several phone calls. We have recommended this clinic to several families facing similar health struggles. Thank you, Dr. Hill."  - K.E.

"Ketamine infusion therapy has had a significant, positive impact on my life. Dr. Hill is compassionate and understanding. His staff are caring. The facility is neat and comfortable." - L.H.

"Ketamine infusion treatment has helped me with my pain and depression." - A.M.

"Hi everyone. Will keep this on the shorter side. I had heard of ketamine treatment from a family member who is a physician on the east coast. He called it groundbreaking for those who are struggling with depression and other mental health issues. For about a year I researched it, and decided to see Dr. Hill. The best decision I have ever made for my health and life. The cycle of sadness, for the first time since I was 14 broke. It gave me a chance to assess the issues in my mind. And allowed me the chance to actually enact a plan to stay out of the mental issues I suffered from. Dr. Hill, what can I say. Truly compassionate, good man. Life feels better after spending time with him." - S.N.

"I was at my wit's end. I tried all that I knew to try. When I heard about the ketamine treatment, I decided to give it a try. I am glad to report that I feel much better and the treatments were smooth and comfortable. My mind is stronger now and I have been more stable than I have been in years." - D.W.

"Dr. Hill is a very caring and knowledgeable doctor. He will explain what the procedure is, what you can possibly expect, and address any concerns you may have. The treatment was a positive experience for me and seems to have definitely helped with fibromyalgia and my migraines. Hopefully the results will be long term but I suppose time will tell. I highly recommend Dr. Hill and his services and honest caring passion for helping people. (He's also just an awesome person all around!! Love him!)" -R.H.

"Ketamine" is not that rave drug you'll read about if you search the internet. It's nothing to be afraid of. The Ketamine infusion for me was tough, but this is the kind of treatment that can change your life. If you have exhausted all options and want to get well, this might do for you what it's done for me. After years of heavy duty medication use, I was able to drastically cut back, to the point on some days I require no medication at all. Dr. Hill is one of the most caring and compassionate doctor's you will ever come across." -B.W.

"Dr. Hill and his staff are knowledgeable and professional. They go beyond the traditional care by supporting the patient and their family with follow up phone calls and in depth discussions. The Ketamine Therapy was transforming in one session. We continue to see great improvements even after the completion of the therapy sessions. We have sought many treatments for PTSD and its complications over the years. This was life changing. A normal life with normal thoughts are now in our future. The ability to sleep through the night without terrifying dreams is now a reality. Panic attacks are no longer part of the day. Disturbing thoughts or flashbacks are now just a passing thought and not consuming. Depression has lifted. Even though the Ketamine treatment was sought for PTSD relief, the nerve pain has diminished. This treatment is truly remarkable.  I have told as many people as I can about this amazing treatment. No one should continue to suffer with medication that has detrimental side effects nor feel hopeless because medication and therapy have not relieved symptoms of PTSD, when Ketamine Therapy is available. There were no negative side effects experienced for me. Dr. Hill and his staff would be my choice over other facilities that offer Ketamine Therapy. I had and continue to have personal phone calls from Dr. Hill following up nightly after each session and even still weekly. It is not just the treatment but a doctor that truly cares for the person as a whole. I feel Dr. Hill will be my friend for years to come." -C.M.