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Transformed by the Renewing of Your Mind.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.) What is ketamine and how does it work?

2.) What kind of patients do we see?

3.) Do you have to be referred by a psychiatrist in order to receive ketamine treatment?

4.) How long is the infusion process? Will I be awake?

5.) Are there any specific medications that will interfere with ketamine treatment?

There are no medications that will interfere with ketamine treatment. You will not have to cease taking any medications/antidepressants in order to be treated.

6.) How many times will I need ketamine infusion?

7.) Are there any health or addiction risks that come with ketamine treatment?

8.) Will I be treated as an outpatient?

9.) Are there any medical conditions that will keep me from treatment?

10.) How quickly can I be seen for an infusion?

11.) Is ketamine safe even though it is an Off Label drug?

12.) Do you accept health insurance?

13.) What should I do on days of treatment?

14.) What will the infusion be and or feel like?

15.) Is there a cancellation policy/fee?